Whether you are interested in whimsical illustration or cool, stark graphics, I can present you with a world of options. As a fine artist and a graphic artist I realize there doesn't have to be a distance between a graphic image, and one that goes deeper into the province of "fine art". The goal is to create an original and unique image to represent your project.


I can help develope your concepts or offer a range of ideas and approaches to complete your vision. Where imagination has no limits, welcome to Round World Graphics!



Three campaigns I have worked on: a Calder exhibition, A Smirnoff promotion, and a Hennesy drink card for Sean Combs' "Raisin In The Sun" afterparty.




To the left was part of a Captain Morgan rum campaign which involved patrons in a bar doing shots and getting fake tattoos. To the right is a flyer for a performance sponsored by Zwiec Beer.






My clients have also included Macy's(above) and Brandworkers, a non-profit for whom I designed their logo and invitations :

This is another logo for the Starbucks Workers Union, and a flyer for their fundraiser :



keeping its festive but simple -



Graphic design and fine art can stand side by side or as one, either way Round World Graphics provides a strong creative process to promote your message.